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MOR-4-kidsIn visiting with Sally Johnson at Seeley Lake about MOR4Kids, she sent a very large thank you and wants to let everyone know how much they have appreciated the gift cards from MOR4Kids. Two times a year the elementary schools have received a gift card for them to discreetly help people that are struggling. The resource coordinators of the schools know who needs a boost, and are able to help in unique ways. Many times it’s just not the clothes that matter, but perhaps gas to get children to school or family to work, many times it’s shoes, or warm clothes. Sometimes even food for children needing to get by weekends on their own. Sally mentioned, even a haircut can make a difference for a child. We appreciate the feedback from the schools. This is a non profit dedicated to “give every child a chance” and “renew hope.”
Thank you for your participation and help in this project. Quietly, you make a difference with this project. Thank you!
The needs list has changed very little over time for the schools so will post it once again. As we get feedback from the schools it may change, but the schools keep some items on hand “in case” someone needs some help throughout the day. Again thank all of you that keep us in mind.
Please feel free to let us know if you have questions.
Thank you.
Judy 329-2017
Needs for Schools
(to have on hand for emergencies)
**Underwear for boys and girls, emphasis on sizes 5-8 but all grade school sizes are appropriate.
**Sweat pants and sweat shirts, black is fine as it works for boys and girls both, emphasis on sizes 5-8 but all grade school sizes are appropriate for times of need at schools.
**Tennis shoes: children’s 10 to adult’s 7 for elementary schools, sizes 3-12 for middle schools and high schools.
**Winter boots: grade school through middle school. Children’s 10 to adult’s 7 for elementary schools and sizes 3-12 for middle school children.
**Gloves: small, medium and large. The need is now for the heavier gloves/mittens for warmth and staying dry.
**Winter clothes have been a request for grades 1-8 in Bonner.
**CHILDREN’S BELTS are welcomed at several schools due to children wearing hand-me-downs.
**Our committee and I are willing to shop so cash donations are welcome also.
**Something to remember … the schools remind us that they don’t want brand name items, just items to keep children warm and dry. Some of our schools have pantries for food for families. Kid friendly food is appreciated
**Gas cards (specifically “for gas”) for parents to get children to school are requested.
** Gift cards to give to parents for food is helpful, smaller amounts serve more families. We rely on the resource people at the schools to be in charge of this, they know the students and parents best.
Thank you for helping take care of our local children. This isn’t a glamorous project, but it’s extremely appreciated by those who need a little boost. The caring resource people at the public schools are the ones that make me tear up, they are so pleased to be able to take a little extra care of some children and families that need a bit of extra help, they share their tears and smiles. We are fortunate to have such caring people watching out for the youngest citizens in our community.
Please bring your donations to MOR at 1610 S 3rd Street W, Ste. 201, Missoula
Judy Gudgel; President of MOR4Kids
MOR Office 406-728-0560