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We are excited to let you know that thanks to the GIS Department of Missoula Public Health, specifically Mike Snook, we now have groundwater monitoring data and water sampling information available on the same GIS platform that our septic permits are located on. You can find this information at

  • The groundwater monitoring layer and other helpful layers can be found by clicking the globe icon under the main search box in the upper left hand side of the screen.
  • Once that is expanded select the “Septic Layers” tab to the right of the default “Base Layers” tab.
  • Then turn on the Groundwater Monitoring layer, Arsenic/Nitrate Monitoring layer or the City Sewer layer by selecting them.

Once you have the layers turned on select a parcel and the information window on the right hand side of the screen will expand. You can then select the appropriate tab in the top of the window and view the specific data point information. Under Groundwater Monitoring, if you select the “Show Feature” link in the window it will highlight the specific point that is related to this data. The default numbers on the ground water points are the minimum depth which is also known as the highest level of groundwater observed.
Let Dan Fultz,, know if you have any issues or if you have any suggestions to make the system more user friendly.