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New Associate Frequently Asked Questions

Does MOR have anything to do with licensing?

No.  The Board of Realty Regulation (BRR) which is a department of state government handles licensing.  All questions regarding license renewal, license transfer, inactive licenses and re-activation, etc. should be directed to the Board of Realty Regulation at 406-841-2322 or to their website.

Am I required to join MOR?

Membership in MOR may be a requirement of the office with which you are associated.  However, MOR as an organization does not have a requirement that you join the Association.

Am I required to join the State and National Associations?

When you join MOR, we notify the Montana Association of REALTORS® (MAR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) of your membership and pay an assessment to them based on your membership in MOR.  Your membership in MOR gives you access to the services of all three levels of the REALTOR® Association i.e. MOR, MAR, and NAR.

What happens if I don’t join?

The Designated REALTOR® in your firm pays a non-member licensee assessment for each licensee associated with the firm who is not a REALTOR® member.

How much are my dues?

Annual dues are established each year during budgeting and are prorated monthly.  In addition, there is an application fee.  Specific dues amounts will be provided to you as a part of the application process.   The one-time application fee is currently $300.  Dues for the past few years have been just under $800 for a full year.  The application fee and prorated dues amount is required to complete the application process. View a breakdown of our dues here.

Statements for annual dues for subsequent years are provided in December and payment is due on January

What do I get for my dues?

Many of the services provided by MOR are outlined in the materials within the application packet.  All levels of the REALTOR® Association have one goal—to provide the programs, products, and services that will be most helpful to you to succeed in your real estate career.

Is MLS one of the services I receive for my dues?

No.  MLS is a voluntary service provided to the Broker/Owners of each firm who are authorized to submit listings and offer and receive compensation from other Broker/Owners.  These individuals are referred to as MLS Participants.  If you are associated with an MLS Participant, you have access to the MLS.  MLS and all other user fees are billed to the Designated REALTOR® at the start of each month.

Although completion of the membership process and final approval by the Board of Directors occurs over a period of time, you may have access to the MLS as soon as your license is hanging with an MLS Participant who is a member of MOR.  While you are completing the membership process you can receive a key card and access the MLS Software.

MLS and all other user fees are billed to the Designated REALTOR® of the firm at the beginning of each month.  If you associate with the firm, you may receive MLS services during the remainder of the month and your MLS user fee will be billed for the next full month after your affiliation and each subsequent month after.

What is the Rookie Course?

The Rookie Course is additional training for all new licensees.  It is a requirement of BRR and is a part of the licensing process.

Is that the same as the New Member Orientation?

No.  The Rookie Course is completely separate from MOR.  Any questions about the Rookie Course should be directed to BRR at 406-841-2322 or to their website. New Member Orientation is put on by MOR for our new members and questions pertaining to it should be directed to MOR.

How do I apply for membership to the Association?

Applications are available at our office located at 1610 S. 3rd St. W. Ste. #201 (next to the Good Food Store). You can stop by to pick one up or contact Sonya McCloney, our Operations Manager, for a digital copy. If you have questions, contact Sonya ahead of time to schedule an appointment to  ensure that she will have the time to provide the answers you need.  You can reach her at 728-0560 or

What if I am transferring from another REALTOR® Association to MOR?

You will fill out an application, pay a transfer application fee, and pay prorated local dues.