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Ransomware in the Supply Chain – Are You at Risk? 7 tips for protecting your community from attacks

Last week’s ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline showed just how “connected” we all are – and how an attack not only impacts the company itself, but EVERYONE that depends on that organization.

The ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline – which supplies gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel to a large chunk of the southern U.S. – encrypted the company’s computers, forcing it to shut down its services and causing interruptions in fuel delivery (no gas for the trucks), regional gas shortages at the pumps (no gas for consumers), and even disruptions in air travel (no fuel for the jets).

But, did you know everyone who touches a computer within your organization can help prevent a ransomware attack? Read on to learn how one person’s actions can save multiple organizations – including yours – from outages and financial loss.

How can one ransomware incident impact your organization, as well as your community?

Cybercrime is like ripples in a pond – one incident can impact the entire ecosystem. If you and every member of your organization use safe cybersecurity practices, you can help protect everyone that relies on you.

How do cybercriminals spread their malicious software?

Hacked email. Your email is a gold mine for cybercriminals, who can use it to reset passwords for other accounts, send phishing emails to your contacts, or steal sensitive information. Often, cybercriminals steal your email password by sending you a phishing email which is designed to trick you into typing your password into a malicious web site. Other times, they simply buy your password on the dark web. Once criminals have access to your email, they can target you, your colleagues, and your community with more advanced attacks.