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There’s a difference between an Ethics complaint and a request for Arbitration. Arbitration is a way to resolve a dispute related to a monetary transaction, like a question of who was or was not paid, or what amount someone may be owed.

With Arbitration, a third party makes a decision regarding money questions. Each side presents its case to a panel and, based on the evidence, the panel makes a decision about the disputed funds.

  • Requests for arbitration may be filed by REALTORS® and secondary members who are not principal brokers, or by REALTORS® or secondary members who are not principals, provided their principal broker joins in the request or by clients or customers of the REALTORS®.
  • Be aware that not every situation or dispute may be arbitrated by the association. Also remember that the award in an Arbitration may not exceed the amount in dispute and in no cases are there “punitive” damages awarded.