Five Valleys Housing Market

Data Dashboards

From 2012-2020, MOR produced an annual report on housing market trends and data for the greater Missoula area. To elevate the collection and communication of housing market information we have now launched a suite of housing market dashboards full of interactive data reports and visualizations.

These dashboards are frequently updated and are paired with a new annual publication that highlights the most significant housing market stories from the previous year.

Below you can download the most recent annual housing report stories and navigate to the four different dashboards that each contain info about a specific thematic area: Social, Sales, Supply, and Rental.

Download the 2021 Five Valleys Housing Market Stories

Browse the Five Valleys Housing Market Data Dashboards

The Five Valleys Housing Market Dashboards consist of four sections - Social, Supply, Sales, and Rental - which you can access by clicking the buttons above.

Each section has several report pages you can scroll through using the left and right arrows at the bottom of each frame. The visualizations are interactive, and you can hover over elements and click around to isolate specific information or view more details.

The data in these dashboards are updated regularly in order to provide the most current information on the Missoula-area housing market.


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Download a Combined PDF of All Visualizations from the Four Dashboard Sections

Please note that unlike the above-linked dashboard sections these visualizations are not interactive and do not include explanatory text sections.

The PDF file name includes the 8-digit date of the latest data update: