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Candidate Endorsements

Decisions are made frequently by government impacting the real estate industry and the business of our members. MOR believes it’s important to have elected officials who support our mission, vision, and positions, such as homeownership, private property rights, and strong communities. With this in mind, MOR applies a systematic process including questionnaires and in-person interviews to identify candidates who best align with our values and goals. To learn more about the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) click here.

Mike Nugent
Sierra Farmer
Bob Campbell

2023 Milestones

City Election Endorsement Process Milestones
Milestones Plan Actual Notes
Subcommittee formed:  kick-off meeting 6-Feb 6-Feb
MOR candidate questionnaire review & update 6-Mar 6-Mar
Interview questionnaire review & update 20-Mar 20-Mar
Candidate filing opens 20-Apr
Begin mailing questionnaires to filed candidates 21-Apr 13-Apr
Real Estate Education Forum 1-Jun 1-Jun
Candidate filing closes 19-Jun
Survey return deadline 20-Jun 30-Jun
Candidate Interviews wk 7/10 7/13-7/21 Mayoral interviews held 5/18 -19
Public Affairs committee review 24-Jul 24-Jul
Recommendation to Board of Directors 26-Jul 26-Jul
Publish completed questionnaires 28-Jul 2-Aug
Publish endorsements 31-Jul 2-Aug
Primary Election 12-Sep Mail-in Ballots sent 8/21

Status of Candidate Responses

This chart will be updated as information is either sent or received by MOR.

Elected Office Candidate Name Questionnaire Interview Endorsed
Sent Returned Follow up  Submitted Invitation Conducted
Andrea Davis 13-Apr 15-May 2-May View Now  15-May 18-May
Jacob Elder 13-Apr 12-May
Jordan Hess 13-Apr 5-May 2-May View Now  9-May 19-May
Mike Nugent 13-Apr 3-May 2-May View Now  9-May 19-May Endorsed
Shawn Knopp 21-Apr 4-May 2-May View Now  9-May 18-May
Brandi Atanasoff 21-Apr 2-May 2-May View Now  9-May 18-May
City Council
Ward 1
Eric Melson 21-Apr 4-May View Now 21-Jun 21-Jul
Gwen Nicholson 26-Apr 22-May 5/22 View Now 21-Jun 14-Jul
Ward 2
Mirtha Becerra 21-Apr 5-May View Now 21-Jun 13-Jul
Rebecca Dawson 19-Jun 7/3
Sierra Farmer 21-Apr 5-May View Now 21-Jun 21-Jul Endorsed
Timmothy Garrison 26-Apr 22-May 5/22 View Now 21-Jun
Ward 3
Gwen Jones 21-Apr 5-May View Now 21-Jun
Sam Kulla 21-Apr 4-May View Now 21-Jun 21-Jul
Ward 4
Amber Sherrill 21-Apr 3-May View Now 21-Jun 13-Jul
Alan Ault 19-Jun 6/30 6/30 View Now 30-Jun 13-Jul
Ward 5
Bob Campbell 5-Jun 15-Jun View Now 21-Jun 13-Jul Endorsed
Lynn-Wood Fields 19-Jun 23-Jun View Now 23-Jun 13-Jul
Dave Bell 20-Jun 5-Jul 6/30 View Now 7-Jul 21-Jul
Ward 6
Sandra Vasecka 21-Apr 23-May 5/23 View Now 21-Jun 14-Jul
Sean McCoy 21-Apr 7-May View Now 21-Jun 14-Jul
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