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Five Valleys Housing Report

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The 2024 Five Valleys Housing Report was presented by MOR's Coordinating Committee on Monday, March 4th at the Missoula Public Library.


Since 2005, MOR has produced an annual report on housing market trends and data for the greater Missoula area. To elevate the collection and communication of housing market information, we have launched a suite of housing market dashboards (social, sales, supply,  and rental) which are full of interactive data reports and visualizations. Unless otherwise noted, "Five Valleys" means the Missoula Urban Area, which includes the City of Missoula, its neighborhoods, and its surrounding urbanized areas. Data representing all of Missoula County or only the city are noted as such.

Browse 2024 Five Valleys Housing Market Data Dashboards

The data in these dashboards are updated regularly in order to provide the most current information on the Missoula-area housing market. For questions or comments, please contact:

Download PDF Version 

This PDF includes all slides from the (4) Five Valleys Housing Market Data Dashboards. They are a snapshot of the slides from the date included in the file name.

Updated 3-28-2024

Missoula Housing Continuum

In 2024, the Missoula Organization of REALTORS® introduced the Missoula Housing Continuum, a new model showcasing the complete spectrum of available housing options for all in our community.  The Continuum works to uniformly define each of our community's housing options so that private and public groups within our housing sector may work from a common knowledge base. This also helps in measuring the progress made by the public and private sectors as they work to solve our community's housing concerns.

A message from our Coordinating Committee

The mission of the Annual Five Valleys Housing Report is to provide a more complete picture of our community’s housing data. We believe this data brings a voice to attainability challenges, uncovers changes in demographics, and reveals issues that require the community’s attention.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality data and on being the consolidator of many sources. As we look towards the future of more real-time data, we are also presented with the chance to shine a light on a few opportunities and challenges facing our community that we believe is derived from the data, as well as progress of our community’s efforts to address the challenges.

Coordinating Committee:
Brint Wahlberg, Windermere Real Estate
Jim McGrath, Missoula Housing Authority
Julie Pavlish, Homeword
Josh Plum, Plum Property Management
Matt Gehr, Mann Mortgage
Paul Forsting, IMEG
Derek Sheehan, University of Montana, Bureau of Business and Economic Research
Mandy Snook, Montana Home & Land Co.
Jason Shreder, Katie L. Ward Real Estate

Jim Bachand, Missoula Organization of REALTORS®, CEO
Dwight Easton, Missoula Organization of REALTORS®, Public Affairs Director
Andrew Connor, University of Montana, Adjunct Professor, Masters of Science in Business Analytics

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