Past Presidents

Under all is the Land.

The Missoula Organization of REALTORS® has a long history of leadership dating all the way back to 1948 when the Association was first created. Each year since then individuals are elected to provide outstanding leadership, service, passion, and hard work to support the Real Estate industry. We are forever grateful for the service Past Presidents provided, paving the way for the Association we know today.

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1948    Henry T. Murray*
1949    H. H. Ottman*
1950    Pat Sullivan*
1951    Robert L. Deschamps*
1952    Mary F. Walker*
1953    A.J. Mosby*
1954    Swain Mydral*
1955    M.C. Sayer

1956    E.W. Thomas
1957    H. H. Ottman
1958    Fred Barclay
1959    Robert Clark
1960    Jay McAfee
1961    Dale S. Gillespie
1962    Martin Eitel
1963    O.A. Sokoloski

1964    Roy Rodenberger
1965    Robert L. Deschamps
1966    Vernon Beattie
1967    George Lambros
1968    John D. Weidenfeller
1969    M.A. Jurasek
1970    Bryce C. Putnam
1971    T. Hurly Carey

1972    T. Hurly Carey
1973    Henry J. Hukill
1974    Ettabel Aasheim
1975    Ettabel Aasheim
1976    Richard Stenger
1977    Helen Jeakins
1978    Bryce Bondurant
1979    C.E. Abramson