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REALTOR® Membership

MOR New Member turnaround is approximately 7-10 Business Days

When you join MOR, you become a REALTOR®, a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, The Voice for Real Estate®, the world's largest professional association.

The term "REALTOR®" is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and abides by its strict Code of Ethics.

Being a REALTOR through membership in MOR is an investment in your business success.

 Take Advantage of all the MOR makes available to you!


  • National Speaker Series

  • New Member Orientations

  • 70-100 hours of annual education

  • Designation course offerings

  • Code of Ethics classes annually to meet the NAR Code of Ethics requirement



  • Represented on nine (9) different Committees at NAR

  • The published annual housing report

  • Monitoring and decision-based actions on local and state-level regulatory changes (i.e. wood stoves, septic systems, subdivision code changes)

  • Monthly online market stats

  • Political Candidate questionnaires, interviews, and endorsements



  • Members Facebook Group

  • Bi-weekly newsletter

  • Award recognition

  • Monthly training for members with less than 2 years in the industry (YPN committee)

  •  Engagement in policy and decision making on 7 organizational (standing) committees



  • A majority shareholder in a Regional MLS

  • Administration of Professional Standards (Code of Ethics)

  • Virtual Meeting/classroom

  • Industry-leading lockbox system (SentriKey) across all Western Montana (pending in 2021) including integrated showing service from Sentrilock

Become a Member of MOR

Check Your Eligibility to Apply

To apply for membership with the Missoula Organization of REALTORS(R), licensee must:

1. Hold a current, valid real estate broker's or sales person's license from the Montana Board of Realty Regulation

2. Hang your license under a MOR associated firm with a designated REALTOR® contact (DR) who shall be responsible for all duties and obligations of Membership including the obligation to arbitrate pursuant to Article 17 of the Code of Ethics and the payment of Association dues as established in Article XI Section 7 of the Bylaws. The Designated REALTOR® must be a sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer or branch office manager acting on behalf of the firm’s principal(s) and must meet all other qualifications for REALTOR® membership established in Article IV, Section 3, of the Bylaws.

REALTOR® Members are individuals who are engaged in the real estate profession other than as sole proprietors, partners, corporate officers or branch office managers and are associated with a Designated REALTOR® Member of the Association.

Complete a New Member Packet

The new electronic New Member Packets help streamline the process while offering convenience. To request a New Member Packet: 1. E-mail MOR, please include the name of your firm and designated REALTOR® 2. Call 406-728-0560 to make a request The Designated REALTOR® of the firm will be e-mailed the packet to begin the process, followed by the new member before coming back to MOR to process. MOR Member Application Fee: $500 Montana Association of REALTORS® Application Fee: $20 NOTE: If the application is not received completed in the MOR Office within thirty (30) days of date of request for application, the members' Designated REALTOR® is billed for non-member dues. If the application is received after the billing, but before the date payment is due, the amount is waived for the office of the Designated REALTOR®

Pay Your Membership Dues to MOR & SentriLock

MOR will process your application, set up your profile and prorate your membership dues for the upcoming membership year (January 1 - December 31). You will receive a 'Welcome E-mail' with instructions on logging in to your new membership portal to pay your dues and create your profile.

Subscribe and Pay Montana Regional MLS (MRMLS)

The Montana Regional MLS (MRMLS) will be notified of your new member status once your MOR dues have been paid and you have completed the above NAR online Code of Ethics training. The MRMLS will provide you their application process for MLS access. Once you have received your login to FLEX MLS by the MRMLS staff please familiarize yourself with the Dashboard and the Help section where you will find helpful tutorials. The MRMLS Rules and Regulations and MLS Policies are also located on the Dashboard, MLS and then MLS Links gadget, MLS Documents link, MLS Information, then MRMLS Rules & Regulations. Please take time to review them.

Attend New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation is required for membership. It is held quarterly. All new members of MOR are required to attend the next available New Member Orientation (NMO). If you are unable to attend the next available date you will have one more opportunity to attend a make-up class in the next quarter. If you do not attend one of the two upcoming New Member Orientations your information is reviewed by the Board of Directors for membership suspension. New Member Orientation is Split in Two Parts: (1) New Member Code of Ethics training as mandated by the National Association and (2) Real estate topics determined and approved by the MOR Board of Directors.

Complete and Pass the NAR Code of Ethics Training For New Members

New members of local REALTOR® associations must complete similar training when they first join. A new member who has completed the New Member Code of Ethics Orientation shall not be required to complete additional ethics training until the next three-year cycle. You have 30 days from the date of receiving your MOR Welcome Email from Sonya McCloney, Membership. **FlexMLS and SentriLock will not be authorized until the COE orientation is passed and completed.**

Receive Authorization for SentriKey Real Estate

Your SentriLock fees are billed by MOR. Once your MOR dues are paid in full, the Code of Ethics for New Members is complete, and MRMLS has been paid SentriLock is Authorized. If you are new to the SentriLock system, please register and take a 30-minute SENTRILOCK AGENT ORIENTATION

Membership FAQ

Is joining MOR required?

Membership in MOR may be a requirement of the office with which you are associated; however, MOR as an organization does not have a requirement that you join the Association.

Does MOR have anything to do with licensing?

No. The Board of Realty Regulation (BRR) which is a department of state government handles licensing. All questions regarding license renewal, license transfer, inactive licenses and re-activation, etc. should be directed to the Board of Realty Regulation at 406-444-5711 or to their website.

Am I required to join the State and National Associations?

When you join MOR, we notify the Montana Association of REALTORS® (MAR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) of your membership and pay an assessment to them based on your membership in MOR. Your membership in MOR gives you access to the services of all three levels of the REALTOR® Association i.e. MOR, MAR, and NAR.

What happens if I don’t join?

The Designated REALTOR® in your firm pays a non-member licensee assessment for each licensee associated with the firm who is not a REALTOR® member.

What is the cost of membership dues?

Annual dues are established each year during budgeting and are prorated monthly. In addition, there is an application fee. Specific dues amounts will be provided to you as a part of the application process. The application fee and prorated dues amount is required to complete the membership process. Due each year in January.

Is MLS one of the services I receive for my dues?

No. MLS is a voluntary service provided to the Broker/Owners of each firm who are authorized to submit listings and offer and receive compensation from other Broker/Owners. These individuals are referred to as MLS Participants. If you are associated with an MLS Participant, you have access to the MLS. MLS and all other user fees are billed to the Designated REALTOR®. Although completion of the membership process and final approval by the Board of Directors occurs over a period of time, you may have access to the MLS as soon as your license is hanging with an MLS Participant who is a member of MOR. MLS and SentriLock user fees are billed to the Designated REALTOR® of your firm. Once payment is received MOR authorizes the user to use SentriKey Real Estate.

What if I am transferring from another REALTOR® Association to MOR?

You will fill out an application, pay local dues and state dues (if applicable).

What is Secondary Membership with MOR?

Those who have paid their state and national dues through another association.

What is Affiliate Membership?

Organizations who are engaged in support service industries whose business directly supports real estate activities with REALTORS®. As an Affiliate Member, you will have opportunities to connect and network with over 800 REALTOR® members through marketing, engagement, promotion, and recognition throughout the year. Read About Affiliate Memebership HERE

Can I cancel SentriLock?

REALTOR® Members do not have the option to cancel SentriLock. Brokers or Designated REALTORS® for each firm are asked to "opt-in" or "opt-out" of SentriLock services for their office as a whole and the agents' status follows the firm.