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Designations and Certifications

The National Association of REALTORS® and its affiliated Institutes, Societies, and Councils provide a wide range of programs and services that help members increase their skills, proficiency, and knowledge. Designations and certifications acknowledging experience and expertise in various real estate sectors are awarded by NAR and each affiliated group upon completion of required courses. Hover your mouse on the logo for more information.

Designations & Certifications

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Common Abbreviations


Special Improvement District - set up and paid in property taxes to provide infrastructure improvements such as sewer connections, street lights, or sidewalks


Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance - these figures make up a mortgage payment


Multiple Listing Service - REALTOR® accessed database of listed property


Return on Investment - a standard metric that real estate investors use to analyze investment properties

Cap Rate

Capitalization Rate - a measure of the profitability of a real estate investment


For Sale By Owner


Comparative Market Analysis - the process of determining the valueof a property based on market conditions


Homeowners Association - a private association established by a real estate developer for the purpose of selling and managing homes in a planned community


Housing and Urban Development - Organization that handles homes that have been foreclosed that were originally purchased using an FHA loan.