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Public Affairs

Through the Government Affairs Committee, MOR actively tracks policy issues in local, state and national government related to the ownership and transfer of property. Examples include zoning and subdivision, health and safety, design standards, impact fees, and affordability. MOR employs Public Affairs Director Dwight Easton to assist the committee’s volunteer efforts.

Issues in Government

Home Affordability

REALTORS® know that the cost of housing is expensive and rising fast, placing the dream of home ownership out of reach for too many Missoulians. We need to identify the barriers to developing housing people can afford, and we need to find solutions. MOR is proud to lead this important effort, and is thrilled to have so many local organizations, both private and public sector, as partners. See current reports here.

Smart Growth Policies

Missoula county’s original land use map was first adopted in 1975 and, after 40+ years, it no longer fully represents the community vision or values. Updating the land use map provides an opportunity to re-envision our community; allowing us to focus on the issues we face today by proactively planning for the future. MOR is working closely with the county providing suggestions for the maps development at numerous meetings as well as written comments.

2017 City Candidate Questionnaires

To help our members get informed, we asked each city council and mayoral candidate to provide their thoughts on important issues related to homeownership and the success of our industry. Below are the completed questionnaires that were returned to us. Not sure which ward you reside in? Check the map.

Ward 2 – Jordan Hess

Ward 3 – Heather Harp

Ward 4 – Greg Strandberg

Ward 4 – Jesse Ramos

Ward 5 – Cathy Deschamps

Ward 6 – Julie Merritt

Mayoral – John Engen

Wood Stove Removal Requirement

Health Department rules require that when property changes ownership inside the Air Stagnation Zone, older stoves must be removed and a certificate of compliance form must be filed at the Clerk & Recorder’s Office in the Courthouse. Learn more about the rules and download the certificate of compliance here.

The county’s Woodstove Information Map includes:

  • city limits, Missoula Air Stagnation Zone and the Swan River Drainage;
  • properties in the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone with wood stoves that can remain on point of sale;
  • properties in the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone where all wood stoves and free standing fireplaces must be removed on point of sale;
  • list of devices that can be installed at an address; and
  • the permitting agency for solid fuel burning device installations at a specific address.

New Rules for Tourist Homes

On November 3, 2016, new rules for Tourist Homes went into effect. Tourist Homes are now allowed in all residential and commercial zoning districts in the city and must be registered with Development Services in City Hall.  The rules place new restrictions on tourist homes.  For example, no individual may register more than two tourist homes in residential zoning districts. Also, no more than one tourist home is allowed per parcel in certain residential zoning districts. Learn more about the new rules here.

2018 State Legislative Candidate Questionnaires

To help our members get informed ahead of the elections, we asked candidates running for the Montana State Legislature to complete a questionnaire on important REALTOR® issues. Below are the completed questionnaires that were returned to us. Not sure which house or senate district you reside in? Type your address into this map.

Elected Officials


Whether it is tax policy, land use regulations, lending standards, or a multitude of other policy issues, government plays a big role in the real estate industry. That is why MOR works with elected officials towards policies that support our industry.

You can make us more effective by knowing where your elected officials stand on important policy issues, and by keeping in touch with them. To help keep our members informed, MOR interviews candidates for office on issues important to the industry.  MOR has endorsed candidates and ballot measures in some elections.