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MOR Committees

To nominate yourself or another agent for a committee, click here, select the committee you’re interested in, and click “nominate” at the bottom of the page.

It is the MOR President’s responsibility to ensure that the directives of the Board of Directors are carried out. The President can specify the types of assistance that will be required to successfully carry out that responsibility. When there are on going responsibilities in certain areas, the President appoints committees to carry out those functions. When those functions are required for the foreseeable future through the tenure of several Presidents, the organization can formalize those committees as Standing Committees. These ‘stand ready’ to assist the President as needed.

Committees can also be appointed which will serve only during the tenure of the President who appointed them. These are for projects that are expected to be completed during the President’s term.

The President also may appoint Task Forces for specific projects. These typically have a specific beginning and end and are short term. As soon as the project is completed, the Task Force ceases to exist.

MOR has six standing committees & one advisory board:

  1. Knowledge Services Committee
  2. Communications Committee
  3. Administration/Finance Committee
  4. Government Affairs Committee
  5. MOR4Kids Committee
  6. Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee
  7. Regional MLS Advisory Board

Quorum:  Number that attend, provided everyone has received notice
Directors: State law requires two Local Directors serve on each committee